Academics Provisions


Today technology and innovation has revolutionised everything. Digital communication is inseparable from the learning process. In the new setting, the teacher is no longer the sole custodian of learning. Students are now empowered through digital communication. Bearing in mind that online resources are aimed at challenging the student’s ability to think critically, self – directed learning from internet sources help students become smarter. The smart teaching tools and techniques include the use of notebooks, skype lectures, projectors, learning applications, whiteboards, infographics and digital charts to mention a few. There are Smart Boards or White Boards put in all the classes where the students get a scope to TOUCH, INNOVATE and LEARN.


Our school has well equipped labs with a capacity to accommodate good number of students at a time.
The labs are the places where children explore their views and innovates their learning. Students are free to do hands on experiment in these labs under the supervision of the teachers. These labs are the real zones of experiential learning for the children. Here they experiment, observe, interact and discover with knowledge firsthand instead of hearing or reading about other’s experiences.


Every child is unique with a talent bestowed in him or her with the best by the grace of Almighty. This talent needs suitable platform for its display so that the child can discover the talent within , realise his or her potential and excel in it.We have many talent expression competitions and programmes held throughout the year for the excellent expression of talent. The talent is also appreciated with extravagant prizes, medals and certificates on special occasions like Annual Day, Annual Concert etc.

Our school has also initiated the Parents Talent Appreciation Award named as Inspiration so that the parents can also get a competitive platform to express their talent which may be in dimmed stage and then may escape out from their life.


There is a good transport system available in our school with a number of buses. The buses pick and drop the students from different destined points with a radius of more than 40 kms. All the vehicles are provided with CCTV surveillance and GPRS system with priority to safety and security.
The purpose of installing such system is to secure the areas and see for the necessary adjustments, most importantly to prevent any kind of mishaps.


The school has integrated its curriculum with the co – curricular activities in such a way that the academics roll down with the activities held throughout the year. Every month is dedicated to a particular theme based activity which is integrated in the academics. Children are benefitted with this integration since they not only realise the fact of the activity but also experiences the learning making it a joyful experience in its true sense.